What is Posterheroes?

Posterheroes is an international contest about social communication that calls for poster 70×100 cm about social and environmental themes. Every year, Posterheroes invites students, professional designers or people passionated in graphic design, to realize a poster about topics of social interest. All the works are judged by a selection panel composed by some of the most relevant experts of the graphic design and communication field

What’s new?

The current edition is called Humans at work and is about future work scenarios and the role of dignified employment in the lives of individuals and in the sustainable development of society.

The 9th edition of Posterheroes is in collaboration with the Learning Innovation Program of the ITC-ILO.

Read the brief and and submit your poster!

Win 2,500€!

You have the chance to win a cash prize, take part in many exhibitions and events and be featured in Posterheroes publications and editorial projects!


A project by:

PLUG / Favini

In collaboration with: 

Learning Innovation Programme of the ITC-ILO 
Associazione di Design Cinese e Italiano in Italia