Posterheroes 2020



In contemporary society, work represents not only the main means of subsistence for human life, but also the element capable of guaranteeing security, responding to the needs of belonging and self-fulfillment and defining the relationship between oneself and the others in a wider context.

The world of work, however, in recent decades has undergone a very rapid transformative process and it has been influenced, on a global level, by a wide range of factors, with specific consequences in different territorial areas.

For some years the International Labour Organization has introduced the concept of “decent work”, promoting a positive scenario in which employment is carried out in conditions of freedom, equality, security and human dignity for men and women, with self-respect, in well-being and guaranteeing personal development for each human being. These are all key requirements for the achievement of sustainable development and social justice.

The Posterheroes competition, that has reached its 9th edition, aims to support ILO in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, stimulating reflection on these issues.

Posterheroes invites the creatives of the global community to express themselves through a poster in 70×100 cm.

Brief & Regulation

What future scenarios open up in the relationship between human beings and work?

How to enhance the role of the human factor in human-machine interactions and strengthen social and professional ties through virtual interfaces?

How is the global labor market being reconfigured between new opportunities and essential rights?

How to globally reprogram workflows, resource supply, distribution of goods, while respecting the territories and workers, locally and internationally?

What daily and legislative actions should be implemented to support the fight against discrimination and abuse in workplaces and in community life?

Are freedom and self-realization becoming the key elements of our growth process?

What is the value of decent work in defending social justice?