A Poster for Integration

April 2nd
June 3rd

We live in a globalized society, in which all of us come into contact with different cultures, languages and customs on a daily basis. “Contact” can be direct, when different ethnic groups coexist in the same place or interact with one another, or indirect, namely from shopping at the supermarket to using terms borrowed from other languages which have now become everyday communication elements.

In the process of integration, words like migrant and host are temporary actors on the same stage, though have different roles; the first must be able to adapt and learn, the second available and open. The migrant begins a new life in an unknown environment, the host must be able to welcome an individual whose history, customs and thought are hardly known to him. In this context, our task should be to promote dialogue, human rights, safeguarding of peace, sustainable development and, last but not least, global citizenship. By now, the Other should no longer be unknown and distant, but an integral part of the process of growth and collective enrichment.

Considering migration as a “transfusion” of ideas, cultures and “knowledge”:

What is the importance of migrations, migrants and diversity for a nation?

What does it mean to overcome the fear of the Other?

What are the physical or virtual boundaries that hinder integration processes?

Who is the global citizen of the future?

The Contest intends to make people aware of integration and acceptance issues, and to enhance “diversity” as a resource upon which to build “tomorrow’s” communities.

Regulation Brief


The international selection panel of “Posterheroes: a poster for integration” will be released soon.

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