2020 Selection Panel

Fernando Cobelo

Fernando Cobelo (1988) is a Venezuelan illustrator working with visual metaphors and essential images. His emotional approach has given Fernando the opportunity to work with clients such as The New York Times, Google, Walt Disney Studios, Penguin Random House, Corriere della Sera, UNICEF, Vanity Fair, National Chamber of Italian Fashion, Barilla and Zanichelli. In the educational field, Fernando has taught and held different didactic activities in some international universities and schools in Italy, Mexico, India, Russia, China, Venezuela, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Francesco Poroli

Francesco Poroli was born and lives in Milan. Since 2000 he has been working as illustrator and art director freelance. His clients’ list include The New York Times Magazine, Wired, GQ, Facebook, adidas, NBA, Red Bull and McDonal’s – among others. In 2017 he published “Like Kobe – Il Mamba spiegato ai miei figli” for Baldini&Castoldi. His works have been awarded by Society of Illustrators New York e The Society of Publication Designers. He is the artistic director of Illustri Festival and teaches in NABA, IED Milano and Domus Academy.

Petra Eriksson

Petra is a Swedish illustrator and artist based in Barcelona. She loves looking for the perfect colour combinations and playing around with a mix of organic shapes and graphic patterns.

She’s represented by Handsome Frank Illustration Agency and works with a big mix of clients from around the world.

Marco Oggian

Marco was expelled from university in 2010 and following his expulsion, he spent eight years working on over 150 different projects with 300 or more drafts. He spent a lot of time writing and has since been published in over 20 books about design, branding, illustration, typography and photography. During this time he has lived and worked in Venice, Berlin, LA, Spain and across South America. Also, exhibiting in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, Turin and Seoul.  Marco doesn’t have ideal commissions but he loves everything he does, even if it’s not his dream project, because he can learn something more. Marco has just one artistic goal and that is to never stop creating. Clients include Nike, Mozilla Firefox, Bershka, Holstee, Computer Arts Magazine, Pull&Bear, Meyba Barcelona, Volcom, BMW, Fanatic Snowboards, Drake, Vogue, Samsung, OXYDO Eyewear


Forma is a graphic design and illustration studio based in Barcelona. They help people, companies and institutions to create or enhance their image.

They always work with ideas as a starting point, using a clean, bold aesthetic.


Matteo Riva

Milan-based designer, his activity is mainly focused on visual journalism.

He works as art director at Vita, an Italian magazine, and as illustrator for agencies and magazines like Monocle, Mondadori, Domus, La Repubblica, Wired. He’s also teaching at IED Turin.

Ngadi Smart

Ngadi Smart is a Sierra Leonean Illustrator and Visual Artist based between Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire and London,U.K.
Her illustrative work is usually motivated by the representation of people of colour, their varied, vibrant and broad cultures, strong women, as well as Feminism and gender roles. She aims to deconstruct mainstream society’s preconceived views of what the definitions of normal, beautiful, and right – especially in terms of identity, are.

Valerie Crosswhite - Poster House

Valerie Crosswhite is the Board President of Poster House. She attended The Cooper Union in New York and graduated with a concentration in painting. As a working artist, she focused on communication and broad access to the arts through media such as comics and posters. In 2015, Crosswhite drafted the founding documents of Poster House, and since that time has spearheaded the project, working extensively on the design of the museum and its interactive components.

Sha Feng

Sha Feng (1988) is a Chinese Graphic Designer and the Founder of SoFeng Design. He has curated many international exhibitions and has also served as an international judge for many competitions. His work has won many international awards, such as: German Design Award, Red Dot Award: Communication Design, Communication Arts Design and Advertising Annual Competition (USA). His Poster Works have been selected for the Warsaw Poster Biennale, the Mexico Poster Biennale, the Golden Bee Graphic Biennale, the Brno Graphic Biennale, the Slovakia Poster Triennial, the Colorado Invitational Poster Exhibition (CIIPE), the Triennial of Stage Poster Sofia, Bulgaria and other International Poster Biennale, Triennial.

Stefano Rivolta - FutureBrand Milan

Stefano has a degree in industrial design at the Milan Politecnico. In 2001 started his career path: a collaboration with Pieracini Graphic Design and the studio Massa & Marti and teaching design sessions at the Milan Politecnico. In 2003 he started working as designer consultant and joined the Noorda Design, where he was appointed Design Director. With Bob Noorda participates to a few national and international contests. Stefano collaborates with well known architectures studios such as Kengo Kuma Architects, OBR Open Building Research, Studio Albini Associati and wins different awards, among those worth to mention the first place for the Recupero architettonico e per la Rivalorizzazione della Galleria Sabauda di Torino.

In 2009 teaches “Exhibition Design” at the Master Idea at Milan Politecnico and “Art Direction & Copywriting” at the Milan IED (Istituto Europeo di Design). At the end of 2009, he started his collaboration with FutureBrand in the corporate discipline and has been working for clients like Athletes World, Barilla, Banca Popolare di Vicenza, Expo, Ferrari, Karlovarske, Moleskine, Piquadro, Arena, Philip Morris. Stefano since 2017 is Creative Director and is co-responsible of the creative team.


Playtype is a type foundry situated in the heart of Copenhagen. For more than twenty years we have been making retail and custom-made typefaces for international brands. With a strong focus on bringing type to the people, our aim is to create fonts that have something to say. Ones that capture voice, personality and change the way of type is perceived.


Hoppípolla is a project who support independent culture through the creation of a new distribution channel by subscription.
We select, support and promote creative, bold and eclectic realities, and, through continuous and careful research, we create a surprise box of selected products made by creative people: design objects, independent publications, illustrated products, musical suggestions and little surprises. High quality contents that will amaze and at the same time tell a story.


Typosters has been generated from the desire to bring together designers from all over the world, to create a forum of contact, of bringing together, of establishing a network of creative practitioners who might have never had the opportunity to meet each other. Founded by Stelios Papageorgiou just last year, Typosters counts over 110K followers today and featured designers from all over the world, and who are at different stages in their career, Typosters has managed within a very limited time period to become a groundbreaking space for creative engagement and exchange.