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The Future of Energy

450 posters
50 countries

Posterheroes proposes a debate on future’s energetic policies after the decision took by the italian government to open a new nuclear season, interrupted by the 1987 referendum. The italian issue opened a deliberation involving the whole international socio-economic and environmental situation. The contest represents an means of communication for young people, who may express their energetic opinions which may then be adopted for a sustainable future.
What kind of energetic policies should we follow
Should we focus on the development and the distribution of sustainable resources to produce energy, or should we carry on non – sustainable resources? countries have not got the economic resources to undertake both directions at the same time. Would consumers prefer productions of renewable energies spread throughout their countries, structured in a system of competitors, or would they rather prefer nuclear power stations managed by privates controlling the energy cost, moving from oil multinational companies to atomics ones? In what way may citizens could be involved in energetic choices? Is environment still willing to accept projects focused on an outright exploit of natural resources?
Time is running out! Answer with a poster!
Imagine in a poster-project (50×70) a possible future of energy productions based on non-sustainable resources (coal, oil, natural gas, hydrocarbon, uranium) or based on the renewable ones (solar, hydraulics, tidal energy, geothermal, from biomasses, hydrogen, wind power, other). Express your opinion, send awareness messages, suggest new exploits, promote diffusion, incite the debate, the exchange, the knowledge, the involvement.


Lucia Castro Triay / Cristina Chiappini / Gunter Pauli / Massimo Pitis / Paolo Tassinari / Pasquale Volpe / Omar Vulpinari


Special Mention – Elisa Cusimano


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