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Today we are experiencing a social, political and ideological debate that is affecting one of the primary human rights: the right to love. In the recent years, a process aiming at reforming regulations and laws about couples has been progressing, particularly about same-sex marriage, civil unions, common law marriage and adoption. Very often we find ourselves reflecting on the boundaries of the right to love, on its meaning and on the conditions under which two persons can be considered as couple. We can define the right to love as the freedom to love, to fully live your own sexual orientation, get married, start a family or adopt children without any kind of boundaries or obstacles. Love is a right, comparable to the right of expression and to the right of equal opportunities and therefore it must be considered a human fundamental.
The rights on the couples, on the family and about love are slowly changing.
Love and the right to love are at the center of the current worldwide debate.
The right to love, regardless of gender, race, nationality or religion, has become, over the years, a basic statement that means freedom of expression and human equality. However, this important acknowledgment is still far to be extended to the entire globe: some cultures, communities and nations are still struggling to obtain equal rights and freedoms. Every day, worldwide, there are situations where homosexuality is seen as an illness, a problem, often legally punishable by imprisonment, or even by death penalty. In many cases, these conditions push homosexual men and women to marry the opposite sex so as to hide in public their sexual orientation.
Alike, there are cases in which women, are considered as subordinate to men, without the right to be treated equally in the community, especially if they do not get married.
What are your thoughts about “the right to love”?
Portray what it means to be “a couple” in your culture with a poster.
Even in Western society, although it is tolerated, homosexuality encounters obstacles and ideological barriers that threaten make useless the campaigns carried on by the LGBT community. Those walls are often based on the beliefs that homosexuality is something against natural laws and therefore sexual orientation is relegated to a private dimension while their public or legislative recognition become null.
This is the current scenario. Today we live in a world that is slowly thinking about what love means, and is trying to rewrite laws by breaking down the boundaries that often divide love and rights.


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