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Magnetically levitating cars, interstellar travels, extraterrestrial cultures, AI or apocalyptic scenarios lashed by wars, endemic diseases, natural disasters or catastrophes caused by humans: science fiction novels or movies had always imagined the future for us, postponing periodically the timing (at first 1984, then 2000, 2012, 2020 and 2040 …) and taking it quite far from the ‘present’, in order to make plausible scenarios that are usually very different from those we are used to.
The intellect, the science and the empirical observation teach us how future, present and past are not divided: they are not separable elements of the space-time dimension, for which we are just a point of observation and an infinitesimal part of a bigger picture with mostly unknown rules.
Even without disturbing modern physics, it is certain that the future of tomorrow can and must be performed through the actions of today: however, too often we hide ourselves behind the present excuse with a foolish egocentric vision, ignoring the effects of our actions on future generations and on our planet, that give us clear message on our invasive presence.
It’s not needed looking for or imaging risks from the deep space: we already know the challenges of this time that have roots in the present lifestyle of the society.
Climate changes and global warming effects
The consequences of global warming are abundantly explained by internationals scientists. Cities densely populated now, will be partially or totally submerged by ocean water. The moderate weather of some places, will become dry alternated with strong rains influencing the lifestyle and the farming. Animals and plants will need to adapt or surrender and, because of the ice melting, the ground will emit dangerous gases amplifying the warming effect.
The process is ongoing and scientists say that we passed the point of no return with the indifference of most people and the small interventions of international political forces.
Are we conscious of the path we have chosen and of how much we can do to reduce the damages? Will we be able to adapt to a very fast climate changes and its consequences on our environment and culture?
Equal access to food and water
Food and water are primary sources of our lives, fundamental goods and today more than ever something that distinguishes who can choose (and to waste) and who struggle to have the minimum to survive. It might sound paradoxical how, in the era of so many culinary shows and awarded restaurants, someone could suffer hunger or need to walk kms to reach potable water.
Which future should we expect from a nutritional point of view? Will we be able to balance the production and the consumption of food protection biodiversity and local traditional culinary habits? Will the Food&Drink 24/7 fortunates be enough brave to limit and sacrifice their freedom in favour of an equal and globally distribution of food?
Ai and robotics
We are facing a new revolution: like the introduction of steam engines deeply changed how people worked making global economy grow like never before, in the same way, AI with the support of Big Data and information technologies are going to burst into the production process automating those activities typically done by humans. Between opportunity and risk, the real question is if we’ll be ready to let robots replace us in those tasks done by humans till now even at decisional level: will we be able to adapt ourselves to the new jobs that the market will require? Having less need of manpower, will be able to readapt our working life?
More than ever, social dimension has become so contradictory. On one hand, migration and ‘radicalism’ show us daily how human rights are easily overcame, making useless many of goals hardly achieved over the years in terms of freedom and emancipation, on the other hand, media amplify human interactions creating a hyper connected dimension to live in where moments of hate are exasperated.
Will we be able to find the right balance to eliminate those excesses? Will we be able to grant the gender, race, expression and ideology rights, that nowadays just a little part of the world population can enjoy, for all future generations?
Call to action
Future is for the most unknown, but we can be sure that challenges we wrote above, with many others (the transition from fossil fuels to renewable resources, the over consumption and the waste management, etc.), won’t find a resolution in the time passing by, but they will need human energy, involvement, intuition and dedication.
Fields studies demonstrate how just an exclusive part of the global population is investing, more than ever, economic resources in safe shelters in order to be safe in case of catastrophes or crises. Have we already lost the hope to grant our children a better future in comparison with the actual situation or the past one?
We, from POSTERHEROES want to stay positive and we are asking for your help to imagine and tell the future with a poster, to use it as warning or as incentive to drive us in the choices of today and tomorrow.
Although some politicians disappointed us, we are confident in international organizations and local programs that aim at decreasing the negative effects on environment and at protecting human rights, furthermore we really trust the community of creatives to be an example and an incitement. Today more than ever we are looking for HEROES, heroes of the future we are building.
Heroes without mask, without costume, without superpowers, that can change the world with little actions and everyday choices.


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